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INTRODUCTION Devices used for linear measurements are conventionally divided into three groups mechanical, optical and physico-optical. Mechanical devices are used for direct distance measurement. These include surveying tape roulette cables invernia gauges of wire etc. From the optical range finders most widely cotton rangefinder and rangefinders with a variable base and a variable parallactic angle. To the physico-optical devices include electromagnetic rangefinders and speedliner. In the forest filming for direct distance measurement using surveying tape and tape measure for distance rangefinders.

The length of the line where direct measurement is impossible can be obtained by the calculation when the required data. For measuring short distances used roulette taped and steel. Taped the tape measure may have a length of 3 10 and 20 m. On the tape marked division in 1 cm and signed every 10 cm and whole meters. Metallic measuring tape produce several types of RS samoshvatyvayuscheysya RJ grooved RH in a closed case RK on the d-pad PB on a fork with RL load. At roulette type And the beginning of the scale is shifted from the end of the tape and the tape measures of the type At the beginning of the scale coincides with the end of the tape.

By precision type And 1 class and 2 others, almost all of the class 3 table. 12.1. Table 12.1. The permissible deviation of the actual length from nominal ±mm 1 class Class 2 Class 3 5 - 10 20 10 05 10 25 20 10 20 40 30 - 30 50 50 20 50 70 75 - 75 100 100 - 100 140 Separate UHF and fission meter intervals 02 03 04 Individual centimeter division od 02 03 Individual millimeter division 005 01 02 Surveyor's tape is made with a length of 20 m 24 m and 50 m surveyor's tape Denoted letters of LZ tape surveying and surveying SHORT ribbon bar.

They are made from steel strip which is wound on the drum. On both ends of the tape arms are designed to align the strip on the earth's surface and provide the necessary tension when measuring force of 10 kg. Tape surveying is divided into meters and decimeters. Meters marked rhombic plates with serial numbers of meters. Keep in mind that on different sides of a cloth tape labels are increasing in opposite directions. The tape is kept in a collapsed position on a special ring.

Turning or removing the tape from the ring is necessary to avoid the formation of loops. The kit consists of 11 strips or studs 6 of Fig. 12.1 b. Fig. 12.

1. Surveying tape. The tape before the measurements compariout i.e. compare it with a reference normal. Perform a comparison at the field comparator.

A field comparator is a line on a flat.

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