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Dysgraphia is a partial breakdown of the writing process associated with insufficient formation or disintegration of mental functions involved in the implementation and control of writing. Dysgraphia manifests with persistent typical and recurring errors in the letter which do not disappear on their own without explicit instruction. Diagnosis of dysgraphia includes the analysis of written work examination of oral and written speech by a special technique. Remedial work to overcome dysgraphia requires elimination of violations zvukoproiznoshenija development of phonemic processes grammar vocabulary connected speech non-speech functions. Dysgraphia specific shortfalls of the letters caused by the violation of the PEF involved in the process of writing. According to research dysgraphia diagnosed in 53 % of students in second grade and 37-39% of students of medium level which indicates the stability of this form of speech disorders.

High prevalence of dysgraphia among students stems from the fact that about half of the graduates of kindergarteners enter first grade with the FIP or the NRO under which it impossible to process the full acquisition of a diploma. In the severity of disorders of the writing process in speech therapy distinguish dysgraphia and agraphia. When dysgraphia letter is distorted and continues to function as a communication tool. Agraphia characterize primary failure to master the skills of writing their complete loss. Since reading and writing are inextricably linked violation letter dysgraphia agrafiya usually accompanied by violation reading dyslexia Alexia. Mastering the process of writing is strongly correlated with the extent of formation of all parties of oral speech sounds phonemic awareness, lexico-grammatical aspects of speech connected speech.

Therefore, the basis for the development of dysgraphia may lie the same organic and functional causes that cause dyslalia the alalia the dysarthria aphasia delay psychoverbal development. To the subsequent emergence of dysgraphia can lead to underdevelopment or brain damage in the prenatal Natal postnatal periods of pregnancy disorders birth injuries asphyxia meningitis and encephalitis infection and severe physical illness causing the exhaustion of the nervous system of the child. Socio-psychological factors contributing to the emergence of dysgraphia include bilingualism bilingualism in the family inaccurate or incorrect speech surrounding the shortage of speech communication inattention to the child's speech from adults is unreasonably early learning child literacy when lack of psychological readiness. Risk for the occurrence of dysgraphia children with constitutional.

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