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Electronic sensors measuring an important component in the automation of all technological processes and to control various machines and mechanisms. Using electronic devices to get complete information about the parameters of the controlled equipment. The principle of operation of any electronic sensor built on the transformation of controllable parameters in a signal which is transmitted for further processing control device. It is possible to measure any of the quantities temperature, pressure, electric voltage and current intensity and other indicators. The popularity of electronic meters is determined by a number of design features in particular may According to the principle of electronic sensors are divided into several categories depending on the principle. One of the most sought-after are considered Each option has specific advantages and disadvantages which determine the optimum scope of its application.

The working principle of any type of meter may vary depending on the design and used of the controlling equipment. Electronic capacitive sensor based on changing the capacitance of a flat or cylindrical capacitor depending on the movement of one of the plates. Also taken into account the figure as the dielectric constant of the medium between the plates. One of the advantages of such devices very simple design which allows it to achieve good performance, durability and reliability. Capacitive sensors are widely used in various fields. Easy to manufacture the devices have low production costs have long life and high sensitivity.

Depending on the device performance are divided into odnoskatnye and douchemaster. The second option is more complicated to produce but has high measurement accuracy. Scope. The most commonly used capacitive sensors for measuring linear and angular displacements and the design of the device may vary depending on the method of measurement changes the area of the electrodes or the gap between them. For the measurement of angular displacements using sensors with variable area of capacitor plates. Capacitive transducers used to measure pressure.

Design provides one electrode to the diaphragm under the action of pressure curves by changing the capacitance of the capacitor that is fixed to the measuring circuit. Thus capacitive gauges can be used in any systems of control and regulation. In the energy sector engineering construction is usually used sensors of linear and angular displacements.

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