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equipment review Optical image stabilization in the lenses is a technology allowing to mechanically compensate for angular motion and camera shake to prevent blurring of the image at high shutter speeds to blur the jargon. Optic stabilization system is used in cases when shooting with a tripod is not feasible and in fact serves as a substitute for a tripod in some range of values of exposure. The first time the technology of optical image stabilization was introduced in 1994 by Canon dubbed OIS eng. Optical Image Stabilizer optical image stabilizer. The technology is so well proven that was picked up by other manufacturers lenses. Fundamental differences of the principles of operation of the stabilizer there is, however, different manufacturers call their implementation of optical image stabilization in different ways Since the idea IS belongs to Canon inc consider a principle of operation of the stabilizer on the example of its products.

In the first part of the material consider clearly the work IS not going into the theory and technical terms and the benefits use great rollers. Heart lens IS from Canon is a compact and lightweight image stabilizer which works together with an additional group of lenses high-speed microcontroller and two vibrating gyroscopic sensor that allows you to smoothly and accurately adjust the shaking and the camera shake. How does the built-in image stabilizer Shake blur on the camera causes movement of the lens changing the angle of flow of the incoming light relative to the optical axis and as a result with the projected image floats on the surface of the matrix the result is blurry photographs. Canon lenses equipped with the system IS adjusting the offset of a stream of light moving movable biconcave lens of the optical stabilizer in the opposite direction to the direction of movement of the lens. This stabilizes the position of the projected image on the sensor during shooting and reduces the degree of smearing of the image. Demonstration of the optical image stabilizer lens Canon EF 400mm f4 DO IS USM - modeled to illustrate the cross-section.

Angle camera shake - a Sharp change in the direction angle of the lens in Fig. top in circular planes to affect image quality in normal photography such as landscape Shift camera shake - while the displacement of the camera in a linear plane in Fig. at the bottom parallel to the subject's greater impact on quality at macro shooting. If macro photography is vibration and camera shake affect both the image projected on the sensor and the image formed in.

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