How to choose scanner?

08 january 2017, 22:21

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1. What is the scanner 2. Key features 3. Scan the texts 4. Scan image 5. Software 6.

The choice of the manufacturer Despite the fact that in recent years more and more photos come to light and stored in a digital format each of us has a larger number of conventional paper texts and images that it's time to digitize. All documents and images in electronic form, you can easily send by e-mail, you can make any changes and store them a lot easier. And in order to convert paper files to electronic we as a few years ago not to do without a scanner. Therefore, its presence is not superfluous in every home and is a must in every office. So where should you start the scanner 1. What is a scanner a scanner is an electronic mechanical device designed to transfer graphic data of various types into computer digital form for further editing or for printing it out.

On this basis the choice of scanner should begin with determining specific goals with which you plan to use it. You have to decide for themselves what tasks will stand in front of your scanner. This will greatly depend on its price. Because the scanner is a very interesting thing in the sense that an illiterate user can pay a lot of money when buying a scanner for those of its features which I will not use. And usually the more expensive the better which is true for many computer components such as RAM or hard drive when buying a scanner just does not work. Goals generally can be two to scan texts or images and in the latter case, the choice will depend on the fact that with this image you plan to do in the future.

However, before you should be familiar with the main characteristics of the scanners. 2. Key features One of the most important features of any scanner is its resolution. The longer it takes the more small details you will be able to scan with acceptable quality. Resolution affects how much you will be able to increase the acquired image for further editing or printing. The scan resolution is of two types optical and interpolated.

And we should pay attention solely on the first because the optical resolution is responsible for how well tuned the optics and mechanisms of the scanner. What optical resolution is the resolution which can scan the image the scanner. The scan resolution is usually specified so 600х1200 dpi. In this case, we are interested in.

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