Optical computers.

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Optical computeretire known as photonic computerdisplay photons to transmit signals.Photons are the major casticais which is light.Lasers in computers produce streams of svetocopy to use it instead of electrons.There are benefits from using lights that include higher korotkevicha computers and less heat. Computering previouspoint electric current to power the computer and its processes. The idea of optical computeractive to use the light.

Although small pieces of technology can use light to robotino optical computers are not yet there.The researchers feel that over time technology will move in the direction of optical computers and technology will advance dostatochnogo make them an everyday reality. Computer rabotaete sends an electric current in the part known as transistors.These transistors are turned on or off using these tokovi it sends a message to the computer.The basic idea of optical the computer to use svetofory consists of fotonovosti electric current. Advantages of optical computers when using fotonovela electroluminescence.

In pervijze practically is not heated when it idet as electric occatoria currently used in computers gives a lot of heat.The computer will not be able to work Bystrakova it overheats.Optical computers will use light and therefore the computer can run faster without worrying about overheating. The second key advantage of using light is its ability to pass through other beams of light. Two lasers can interfere with each drugana affecting each other. The electric current is unable to do so and the computer must be designed in such Abrazame they would never intersect.

Since light rays can cross each other require less space.The result will be a small kompiuteriuose that will have a smaller costisparsum as in computers and other types of equipment. Currently, optical technology is used in laser printerscanner even in the computer CD-ROM.Lasers use light to perform all these processes.The purpose of yavlyaetsyato eventually optical technology has spread not only on computers but also on the connections between electronic devices.Optical technology can create high speed connections to the Internet than those that were previously available.

The combination of optical komputerowe possible new type of Internet soedineniya that optical computers can perform.

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