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The telescopic sight is an optical device which is intended for precise aiming of the weapon at the target. Additionally, the sight can be used for surveillance of the terrain and to calculate the distance to objects. This is possible if you know their size. In the optical sight reticle image and the target image is located at the same distance from the eyes which gives the possibility to consider them and not to tire the eyes. There is a possibility of increasing the size of goal allowing you to produce the most accurate guided weapons. The optical sight allows to collect more light which gives the opportunity to clearly see objects under low light conditions.

Additionally, the number of models equipped with a backlight device reticle that allows you to see lines on dark background. Using the reticle is possible to calculate the angular size of the target that allows to measure the distance to it. The telescopic sight normally gives the possibility to adjust it under the arrow visually impaired that allows you to shoot without glasses. Optical sight greatly reduces the field of view. When shooting using sight arrows sometimes covering one eye to focus on the image of the target in the sight. This fact creates additional danger for the shooter as he will be able to notice the enemy which will come to the side.

At small distances not more than 20-30 meters sight gives a blurred picture and appears parallax. Most models have the detuning from the appearance of parallax. Modern sights for weapons can be divided into scopes red dot sights and laser sights. Optical sights consist of a tube of the optical system of the bracket and setup. In red-dot sights is the combination of the reticles with the kind of purpose. Collimator sights may be set at various distances from the eye, these devices do not focus.

The presence of interchangeable reticles greatly facilitates the targeting. The most popular are hunting scopes. They are optical and collimator. Rifle scopes for hunting can significantly increase the chances of a successful hunt. To determine the multiplicity of sight is possible, depending on what weapon and for what purpose you intend to use it. If You want to use a scope for target shooting at targets in a shooting gallery or hunting You need to determine the approximate distance.

If You plan to shoot at small distances up to 60 meters we recommend the use of scopes with a minimum magnification. These scopes give the ability to fire fast enough. No need to carefully aim. For.

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