SFP module

08 january 2017, 22:20

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For password recovery enter the email address which you registered on our website. We will send further instructions. SFP module is a transceiver a transceiver of a small size. As the name suggests is designed for receiving and transmitting data in telecommunication networks. The module of such a standard on one side is inserted into the connector of the main device. On the other hand on the transceiver are optical connectors.

Sometimes copper. They connect the network fiber optic or copper cable. Range of products for the application of these devices is wide enough routers switches media converters network cards of servers and other network equipment where high speed and long distance. Thanks to this feature, manufacturers can accommodate quite a large number of ports for modules in a relatively compact device. Thus the installed equipment does not take up much space in the room and can serve large groups of network devices. This property provides a replacement of the module without disconnecting the main unit from the power supply and the termination of employment.

That way You minimize downtime of Your equipment throughout the working day and will not provoke a break in the workflow. Modules of this type provide a high-speed network connection from 100 Mbits to 10 Gbits depending on the model. Due to this significantly accelerates the process of data processing and significantly increases the transmission speed for mission-critical applications such as video playback in high resolution online. Due to the possibility of data transmission at long distances You can organize the efficient transmission of information over distances from 550 m to 120 km. This function is endowed with some models provides operational fault-finding module checking for correctness is a list of some of the parameters such as temperature of the module, the laser bias voltage current and power transmitter and receiver. A modern interpretation of the standard SFP have a high resiliency to surges in the power supply networks.

So You can be sure of the serviceability of Your equipment in the event of fluctuations in mains voltage. Together, these features provide significant superiority of SFP-modules in comparison with modules of other standards. SFP modules can be optical or copper. Let's consider them separately. These modules are used to adjust the relationship of the router or switch with a fiber-optic network. This type of linkage has a high level of security including unauthorized access as well as.

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