SVD — Dragunov Sniper rifle cal. 7.62 mm.

08 january 2017, 22:21

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The purpose of the SVD rifle. 762 mm Dragunov sniper rifle index 6В1 is a sniper weapon and designed to destroy various appearing, moving, open and masked single targets. The sniper optical sight index 6Ц1 is used for precise aiming of the sniper rifle at various targets. Kit rifle 762-mm Dragunov sniper rifle SVD. The set includes a sniper rifle 1 sniper optical sight index 6Ц1 1 PC. 2 bayonet index 6X5 1 PC.

3 bag for sight and stores the index 6Ш18 1pc. 4 bag under the ZIP index 6Ш26 1 PC. 5, the carrying strap small arms index 6Ш5 1 PC. The sniper optical sight is equipped with 6 case 7 winter lighting system 8 individual ZIP-ohms. Rifle cartridges. For shooting a sniper rifle used rifle cartridges with ordinary tracer and armor-piercing incendiary bullets and sniper cartridges.

The sniper rifle is single shot. Performance characteristics the performance characteristics of the 762-mm Dragunov sniper rifle SVD. The main constructive ballistic characteristics of the rifle rifle cartridge and constructive data of the optical sight. The structure and operation of the SVD rifle. The sniper rifle has the following main parts and mechanisms The sniper rifle is self-loading weapons. The reloading of the rifle is based on the use of energy of powder gases discharged from the bore to the gas piston.

When fired, part of the propellant gases following the bullet rushes through the venting hole in the wall of the barrel to the gas chamber presses on the front wall of the gas piston and swings the piston with pusher and with them the frame in the rear position. During the withdrawal of the frame back shutter opens the barrel removes from the chamber the liner and ejects it from the receiver to the outside and the frame compresses the recoil spring and cock puts it on a platoon of self-timer. To the front frame with the bolt returns under the action of the recoil mechanism of the shutter at the same toilet the next round from the magazine into the chamber and closes the barrel channel and the frame displays the self-timer whispered from under the platoon timer trigger, and the trigger becomes armed. Locking shutter is his turn to the left and going down fighting protrusions of the stopper in the cutout of the receiver. For the production of the next shot must release the trigger and press it again. After the release of the trigger pull is moving forward and its hook snaps over.

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