The device of the microscope, the structure of the microscope

08 january 2017, 22:20

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In the microscope there are also mechanical and optical parts. The mechanical part is represented by a tripod consisting of a base and tubulidentata and reinforced it with a gun tube for mounting and changing of lenses. To the mechanical part also includes the stage of preparation for mounting the condenser and filters built into the tripod mechanisms for coarse and fine micromechanism micromint micro mechanisms microwind movement of the stage or tubulidentata. The optical part consists of lenses, eyepieces and illuminating system which in turn consists of an under stage Abbe condenser and built-in low voltage illuminator with bulb and transformer. Lenses are screwed into the revolver and the eyepiece through which you see the image set on the opposite side of the tube. Figure 1.

The device of microscope The mechanical part of the tripod consisting of a base and tubulidentata. The base supports the microscope and carries the entire structure of the tripod. At the base of the microscope is also a socket for the mirror or built in illuminator. Tubematerial serves to attach the Tubus - built-in tripod mechanisms for coarse micromechanism microwind and oncohematologist microwind vertical movement of the stage or tubulidentata In most modern microscopes, the focusing is done by vertical movement of the stage using macro and micro mechanisms in still tubulidentata. This allows you to set tubematerial various nozzles micro photos, etc.

In some designs of microscopes are designed to work with the microscope focusing is done by vertical movement of tubulidentata with a stationary subject table. The Tubus - node install of the lenses and eyepieces at a certain distance from each other. It is a tube in the upper part of which is the eyepiece or eyepieces and the bottom device for fastening and changing lenses. Usually it is a revolver with multiple sockets for quick change of lenses of different magnification. In each slot of the revolver lens is fixed so that it always remains centered relative to the optical axis of the microscope. Currently, the design of a tube is significantly different from earlier microscopes that part of the tube carrying the eyepiece and the revolver with lenses is structurally related.

The role of the middle part of the tube can carry a tripod. The mechanical length of the sheath of biological microscopes is usually 160mm. In a tube between the lens and the eyepiece can.

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