The principle of operation of incremental and absolute encoder

08 january 2017, 22:20

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In this article you will learn what is the encoder which it can measure value. Learn what incremental and absolute encoder. Get acquainted with the classification principle. And also learn what the characteristics of the encoders need to pay attention when choosing. Finally a small list of manufacturers. You can also watch other articles.

For example, the Sensors measure the pressure or relative humidity. Controller position sensor of a rotating object or otherwise the encoder is an Electromechanical device which can be used to determine the position of the rotating axis of the shaft. In this device, a mechanical movement is converted to electrical signals for determining the position of an object give information about the angle of rotation of the shaft position, and direction of rotation. Using the encoder you can also measure length and distance, or set the move tool. The encoders have a wide scope in the printing industry, metal processing Elevator technology machines for filling packaging and filling in test benches as well as robots and other machines requiring precise record of the movement of the parts. They have almost completely replaced the previously widespread selsyns.

Distinguish the following types of incremental encoders incremental and absolute. Incremental encoder is a device which detects the rotation angle of the rotating object by issuing a digital pulse code. Used to determine the speed of the shaft rotation axis when there is no need to keep the absolute angular position when power is turned off. That is, if the shaft is stationary the transmission of impulses is terminated. In other words if you turn the encoder of this type, the reference rotation angle starts at zero and not with the angle at which it was placed until cut off. The object axis and encoder are connected via a special adapter coupling flexible or rigid sleeve or the encoder may be placed actually on the shaft itself.

The main advantage of incremental encoders is their simplicity, reliability and relatively low cost. Absolute encoder gives a digital code that is different for each position of the object allows to determine the angle of rotation of the axis even in the case of the disappearance and recovery power and does not require the return of the object in the initial position which is an advantage of this type of encoders. As the angle of rotation always known that the pulse counter in this case is not necessary. Signal absolute encoder is not exposed to noise and vibration, and thus it does not need a precise setting of the shaft. Absolute encoder is used in high precision systems, robotics, machine tools with numerical control and.

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